Community Stage in the village of Pembatanan, Banjar Martapura District

Sari Mulia University, Faculty of Health, Nursing Department, Nursing Profession Study Program has a built village, 30 minutes from Banjarmasin city to the village of pembatanan, they live on the edge of the Martapura river, access to health is quite far, health facilities in Tabuk 2 Puskesmas are quite far, making the community in pembatanan villages are lazy to come for a health check-up at the puskesmas. Based on data from the survey results of health professional students in the village of pembatanan are itching, hypertension in the elderly, and PHBS that is lacking. said the head of the village of pembatanan our village This includes the village left behind, the farthest and remote, access to health is quite difficult. we are very grateful to UNISM for developing our village, especially in health. There are several programs carried out by professional students:
SERVICE Program (Healthy Friday)
Can Program (sago and corn biscuits)
Kadas Program (Smart cadre)
Asri Program (beautiful and healthy)
Smoke (healthy bottling water)
Coaching activities carried out semala 5 weeks in the village of pembatanan. there are 22 students who practice there. UNISM according to the Roadmap will build a village of pembatan for 3 years.

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