Yuanpei University of medical Technology Drawing Competition Art in Yuanpei, Fight for COVID-19 Computer Aid Graphic Design

Yuanpei University of medical Technology held an Art in Yuanpei competition, Art in yuanpei is a drawing competition to increase creativity with the theme “Thank you during the COVID-19 era” and is divided into two areas, 1. Free Drawing and 2. Computer Aid Graphic Design. This international competition was attended by participants from various countries such as Malaisya, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and various other countries. This competition was held online and announced through Zoom online. Sari Mulia University participated in sending many participants. Its students also received top 3 nominations and various categories, one of which was from the Undergraduate Nursing Student Work Competition, Sari Mulia University, M. Wildan Rianda as the winner of the “Excellence Award” category.

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