Nursing Clinic Practice Semester VII Study Program, KMB Competency, Gadar and Critical Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin. UNISM

Nursing Clinic Practices / Pre-nurses are carried out at the Academic stage. These activities are carried out at the end of each semester in each class. Pre Ners VII was conducted at Ulin Hospital in Banjarmasin, with a total of 38 students, Inpatient Rooms used for practical fields were emergency room, ICU, OK, General Surgery, Foot Poly, Chemotherapy and Orthopedics. Practices from 3 to 29 February 2020. The opening ceremony and practice handover were attended by Deputy Director of Human Resources and Legal Pa. Taufik, Head of Diklit Bu Ainun, Head of Nursing Bid, Father and Mother of Land and Academic Supervisors.

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